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Latin American Agribusiness Development Corporation S.A.

Latin American Agribusiness Development Corporation S.A.

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Highlighted Projects

Chile - Frutícola Montegiallo

The production of Kiwifruit in Chile has great international demand and our client has been able to introduce new varieties with higher than traditional price, increasing the efficiency of the resources.

Costa Rica - Agroindustrial Las Mellizas

On the border of Costa Rica and Panama, our client has successfully produced a fully sustainable model of 100% certified organic coffee. Due to the excellent conditions and characteristics of the soil, the client was able to label its own brand of organic estate coffee with the name – La Amistad.

Kiwifruit in Chile
Kiwifruit in Chile

Dominican Republic - Solar Energy

LAAD financed a 924-kw photovoltaic solar energy plant for Guidom SRL, a Dominican company dedicated to the production and export of organic bananas.

Mexico – Grupo Industrial Anguiano

The optimum climate and soil of the area of Jalisco are the perfect conditions for our client to supply the increasing demand of Blueberries as a result of the current healthy lifestyle trend.

Kiwifruit in Chile

solar energy plant for Guidom SRL