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Latin American Agribusiness Development Corporation S.A.

Latin American Agribusiness Development Corporation S.A.

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Diversity & Inclusion

A Message from Gustavo Martinez Cappetta, President & CEO, on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As a mission-driven organization dedicated to financing agribusiness development in Latin America, our human capital is our greatest asset and the key to our success. Thus, one of our main priorities is to continue enhancing our corporate culture and talent base by maintaining a truly diverse environment where we all benefit from the range of cultures and perspectives of our employees. This successful integration of distinct yet synergetic individuals has allowed us to consistently thrive as a business and uphold our commitment to practice social responsibility. An inclusive workforce intrinsically generates a multiplicity of ideas, leading to innovative strategies and solutions that benefit all of LAAD’s stakeholders, including our employees, shareholders, business associates, clients, and the communities we serve.

LAAD’s pledge to support diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is based on three pillars:

  • Fostering an environment of inclusion where everyone is valued, respected, and heard regardless of their backgrounds, gender, beliefs, or sexual orientation.
  • Attracting, hiring, and promoting talent at all levels without discrimination.
  • Building awareness and offering education on diversity and inclusion.

We embrace the power of diversity, equity and inclusion to enrich the lives of our employees and to strengthen the performance of our company. To make our DEI vision a reality, we are developing a solid action plan where each of us plays an important role.

We count on everyone’s collaboration!