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Latin American Agribusiness Development Corporation S.A.

Latin American Agribusiness Development Corporation S.A.

Local Knowledge Focus Flexibility

Environmental and Social Responsibility

LAAD is committed to ensure that the projects we finance meet the environmental and social standards, laws, and regulations in each of the countries where a project is located. Depending on the type of project, size, and impact, we may assess project compliance to international environmental and social standards. We review each project's environmental and social impact and compliance as part of our project approval process, and we monitor ongoing compliance during frequent project visits and supervision. We have a written Environmental and Social Policy, and a dedicated Environmental Compliance Officer on our Management Team who coordinates and oversees implementation of our Policy.

With very few exceptions, LAAD finances clients that export all or part of their products to international markets. To remain competitive in these markets our clients carry health, safety, environmental and social certification from government or independent agencies such as (among others) Global GAP, Rainforest Alliance, Organic, Fair Trade, Forestry Stewardship Council, Aquaculture Stewardship Council, ISO and HACCP. Whenever possible, we encourage our clients to seek independent certification and we may also provide financing to help fund farm improvements required to meet certification standards.